Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Nabeel Qureshi

  • Sep - Oct 2018
  • 5
  • christianity, religion, bible, truth

Qureshi was (he very sadly died from cancer in 2017) a former Muslim who converted to Christianity through the never-ending efforts of his friend, David Wood, to argue and reason with him about the differences between the two faiths. Together, they studied both the Bible and Quran to understand their historical and religious claims. Slowly, Qureshi realised that only the Bible was backed up by true historical evidence and that Jesus died, was who He said He was, and could save us from our eternal seperation from God.

I loved this book; it completely opened my eyes to some of the Muslim claims about Jesus and why they make those claims. Qureshi makes it clear that this isn't an auto-biography but a teaching tool, and the book is very much written in this way, with each chapter taking on a different aspect of the argument.

I am highly looking forward to reading Qureshi's second book, No God but One.

I also recommend you go and watch both Qureshi's testimony and David Wood's testimony, too.

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